About Us

Recycling operations have been started in Yörük Metal since 1960. Our company has gained its institutional identity since 1966. So it has become one of the leading companies on metal recycling in Turkey.

Our company has a capacity to collect 6.000 ton nonferrous metal annually. It has also a capacity to collect and separate 10.000 ton scarp iron annually. Our company has been operating a closed area consisting of 4000 m2 in İvedik, Ankara. We are aware of the importance of controlled waste recycling to protect our world. So we are increasing our investment and our energy to have a better environment.
We are authorized by Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environmemnt and Urbabization. We have a licence to carry hazrdous and nonhazardous waste. We carry them with our licenced vehicles in order to respect nature. We work with a great enthusiasm to serve our customers.